The Arts

Performing Arts  (Specialist Teaching Program)

Performing Arts Lessons assist students to participate in and develop a lifelong interest in ‘The Arts’. They take place on a Monday and Friday in the Centenary Centre. Each class receives a 40 minute lesson with a Performing Arts Specialist each week.


The Performing Arts Program includes Music, Drama, Dance and Instrumental Focus. Each discipline has its own distinctive body of knowledge and its own elements, techniques and conventions. Students develop their literacy in each discipline which enables them to grow and to contribute to their school, community and culture. Performing Arts develop the artistic and aesthetic dimensions of human experience and contribute to our intellectual ability. They stimulate imagination, thinking and understanding.



Every second year, the Performing Arts Program culminates in a whole school performance where every student performs at the Clocktower Theatre in Moonie Ponds. In this production the students have the opportunity to refine their skills and share them in a professional theatre for a wider audience. It’s an opportunity to showcase their talents.



We also host a rich choice of instruments for our during-school private music programs in the Community Room. These include: Keyboard, Guitar and Drums. The lessons are taken by and external provider and are charged separately to school fees and charges.


Visual Art (Specialist Teaching Program)
special facets:

Visual Art lessons are conducted in the dedicated art space which is fully equipped and recently updated with ample storage, bench space, work tops for children, wet area and printing press. 


Prep has 40 minute lessons each week while all other classes have an 80 minute session fortnightly.


The Visual Arts program covers: printmaking, painting, 2D & 3D construction, sculpture, threads and textiles, drawing and Christmas activities.


The Visual Arts show held every second year allows children the opportunity to display their own art work within our community and respond to and explore  other art works.  


The art program also incorporates projects that will be displayed outside in the school garden and playground area.