The V.I.C Centre (Virtual Information Computer Centre)

OLHC boasts a huge, inviting Library and an ever-growing collection of resources to enhance the learning process of the 21st centuary. All classes at Our Lady’s receive specialist library lessons. During these lessons, children are introduced to a wide variety of literature from which they can borrow, in addition to specific Library/research skills. Our Teacher / Librarian is continually processing more resources to enhance our library collection. Children require a library bag for borrowing. We ask that they return their books each week to enable them to re-borrow.




The younger children concentrate on the care of books and simple library terms. How to choose suitable resources from the shelves using alphabetical and numerical sequence. These skills enable them to distinguish between each section of the library, Picture-fiction, Fiction, Non-fiction and Reference. Emphasis is placed on creating a happy and enjoyable atmosphere where children are given the opportunity to develop a love for reading and enjoy a wide variety of literature experiences. The library is a place of constant enrichment for children.


Brief outline for a typical term:


“Learning about Libraries”: topics/concepts to be covered:

      -Library terms, eg. Browsing, circulation desk, re-shelving etc.

  • Author, Illustrator, Call No.
  • Characters- Fiction books- main and support characters, how the story unfolds
    eg. Setting- where the story takes place. Series of events that lead to the action.  Climax and consequences.                   Response and discussion.
  • Non fiction books- content and index pages, sub headings.
  • Spine labels on Non fiction books and shelf identification.
  • Factual books- where do we find the subject we are interested in? Introduction to Dewey classification.
  • Fundamental concepts of picture and non-fiction books
  • The title, author and subject of fiction and non fiction books.
  • There may be more than one author to a Non fiction book
  • How to differentiate between fact and fiction?




The main aim of the Senior library classes are to:

  • foster a love of learning / literature
  • explore with the students how we can use libraries to extend our learning
  • encourage students to be discerning about the information they are gathering
  • to use the Dewey system, how to locate different types of books through using the computer catalogue, and skills to help them with research work.
  • Brief outline for a typical term:
  • consolidate skills on searching the library catalogue
  • develop knowledge of Dewey Decimal Classification system
  • explore various formats in which information is available. in particular discuss issues associated with Hardcopy versus On-line resources
  • What is copyright?




A special week for the Library each year is Children’s Book Week. This is when the school holds special book–related activities and invites children’s authors or illustrators to give presentations. Whole-school celebrations are held depending on the theme set by the children’s book council of Australia. Teachers, children and parents are invited to participate in the preparation and activities of this special week.