Information & Communication Technology

We believe that for our students to function successfully as informed citizens in society they will need to be computer literate.




Our ICT program consists of:

  • A school computer lab with 27 networked computers that have internet access
  • Each classroom from Foundation to Year 6 houses 3 networked computers with internet access
  • Each teacher is supplied with a personal laptop for school and class use
  • A mini-lab of computers is available to the senior students for their use
  • 14 Samsung tablets for student internet use 
  • Software related to a broad range of subjects is utilised to enhanceand enrich students' learning
  • ICT is integrated across subject areas
  • Student access to the internet is closely monitored and filtered by Catholic Education Office Melbourne
  • All children are required to read, understand and complete an Acceptable Use Policy for internet and network use.  Parents are required to sign this agreement.
  • Children in Foundation to Year 2 have network access with a generic user name and password.
  • Children in Year 3 to 6 have individual user names and passwords to the network and the internet.