Here is a brief summary of what we have to offer:

  • Intimate, caring and cohesive community
  • School enjoys strong relationship with parish (refer to Parish Link)
  • Caring, professional staff committed to continual growth
  • Comprehensive Religious Education Program promoting faith and the fostering of Christian values
  • High academic expectations held in all Key Learning Areas: The Arts, English; Health; ------------Languages other than English(Italian), Mathematics; Physical Education; Science; Studies of ----Society & Environment; Technology
  • Student Welfare Coordinator
  • Intensive social skills programs in: M.J.R (Making Jesus Real)
  • Large, shaded adventure playground
  • Bright & inviting After School Care building and programs
  • Dynamic Parents & Friends Association
  • Dedicated Parent Reps for each class
  • Parent Literacy/Numeracy Helper programs
  • Bi-annual school concert incorporating drama program
  • Bi-annual art exhibition showcasing students’ talents in visual arts
  • Uniform Shop on premises
  • The V.I.C Centre (Virtual Information Computer Centre) consisting of 25 new computers and an interactive whiteboard
  • 3 to 4 state of the art computers in each classroom allowing information technologies to be integrated into all subject areas
  • Family social events for every level
  • Camp program - Year 5 & 6
  • Private music tuition


Specialist Programs (see curriculum overview)

Our current range of specialist teaching programs include:

  • Library – 40 minutes per week
  • Physical Education-40 minutes per week
  • The Arts:
        - Drama / Music  - 40 minutes per week
        - Visual Art – 40 minutes per week
  • Languages other than English: Italian - 40 minutes per week
  • Information Technology - 40 minutes per week


Student Safety

Security of our students is of prime importance:

  • we have high fences surrounding whole property

  • all gates locked during class times except main gate leading to Reception

  • all exterior doors self-lock from outside, while allowing children to exit in case of emergency

  • remote locking system for main corridor, prohibiting entrance to school corridor without -----------secretaries’ permission

  • external doors to classroom corridor are alarmed so we know when they’re accidentally left open

  • all visitors required to wear I.D. badges for student recognition

  • every classroom has direct phone link to admin & principal

  • regular whole-school emergency drills  - DISPLAN