Summer Uniform:


Black shoes or sandals recommended with closed toe. Either school hat can be worn. If it is cool, navy jumper &/or Bomber jacket can be worn. Tracksuit top can only be worn on Sports days. If it is cool, navy jumpers can be worn


Girls: summer school dress, white socks, Socks have to be just above ankles and with cuffs


Boys: blue shirt, grey shorts or long grey pants; grey socks.


Winter Uniform:


Girls: dark green school checked tunic with navy-blue tights; black shoes; long or short sleeved polo shirt with school emblem, navy school jumper or bomber jacket.


Boys: blue shirt, navy school jumper or bomber jacket, grey pants, black or grey socks (just above ankles), black shoes


Sports/PE days:


Boys & Girls: school tracksuit or navy-blue shorts, gold polo shirt. Girls may wear navy netball skort.


optional: sports team T-shirt


Jewellery: No nail polish, make-up or jewellery is allowed. For pierced ears, studs only are acceptable due to danger of injury when playing games. Chokers, dangly earrings or chains worn outside clothing are considered too dangerous for school days.


Hair: Children with longer than collar-length hair must have it tied back at all times with plain blue, green or yellow elastic or scrunchie. Hair bands can be worn instead, but must be plain blue, green, yellow or in Summer: checked (if same material as uniform) .


all shirts and skivvies are to be tucked in if wearing the jumper/bomber jacket.


Scarves /parkas:

  •       -are not to be worn in classrooms

  •       -scarves are not preferred on yard at recess times. However, if worn, only in school colours: dark green, yellow, navy blue (self-coloured – not speckled /patterned/striped, etc.)

  •       -parkas can only be worn if a school jumper is worn underneath

Hats: regardless of time of year, no hat to be worn at recess times other than a school hat


Bomber jacket can be worn at any time. For Year 6s, the bomber jacket is offered as a graduate jacket version with all Year 6 students’ names and heading.


School Uniform Shop


For your convenience, we have a uniform shop located at the old tuckshop. This is managed by two volunteer parents. Items of uniform purchased through the school are usually in stock, however, it can be of assistance if you anticipate your child’s needs.



School Uniform - October 2019